This page contains reference materials submitted by speakers and panellists at the inaugural Auckland conference on 28-29 August 2014, and other related documents.


2014 Conference

Briefing document

(PDF) Science Advice to Governments: Diverse systems, common challenges

Conference report

(PDF) Synthesis Report: Science Advice to Governments Conference

Media release & media reports

Responding to the increasingly global nature of societal challenges, practitioners of science advice to governments formed a global network to share practice and strengthen their ties, at the first global conference on science advice to governments, which was held in Auckland, New Zealand on 28-29 August. Read full Media Release »


All of the video recordings from the conference are available on the Conference YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel


The conference SlideShare page will be updated over the coming weeks.






From the European Commission’s Science and Technology Advisory Council: Science for an informed, sustainable and inclusive knowledge society

From Royal Society UK: New Frontiers in Science Diplomacy

From European Food Safety Authority: EFSA initiative on Openness and Transparency

From the OECD Global Science Forum: Scientific Advice for Policy Making and Consequences for the Role and Responsibility of Scientists

From the OECD Global Science Forum: OECD-Global Science Forum (GSF) work on science advice

From the Scientific Advisor’s Office, Cuba: Cuban Science Advisory Model

From University of Waterloo, article by Heather Douglas: Scientific Integrity in a Politicized World

From University of Waterloo, article by Heather Douglas: Bullshit at the Interface of Science and Policy: Global Warming, Toxic Substances,and Other Pesky Problems

From Office of the PM’s Chief Science Advisor, NZ: The role of evidence in policy formation and implementation

From Department of Politics, University of Exeter Article: The temporal dimension of knowledge and the limits of policy appraisal: biofuels policy in the UK

Special Supplement of Research Fortnight: Global Science Advice, Auckland, August 2014