Five Plus Four Ingredients for the Effective Use of Science to Inform Policy

A highlight of the 2015 World Science Forum in Budapest this year was the final session of the forum, which was held in the chambers of the Hungarian National Assembly.  This final session was opened by His Excellency János Áder, President of Hungary.  The session included a panel discussion moderated by Sir Peter Gluckman, Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, which featured a two-part discussion on both the supply and demand sides of science advice in policy making.

Panel speakers included:

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INGSA Recognised at World Science Forum

1140x400 DNA slide

On November 4th 2015 in the margins of the 7th Word Science Forum (WSF) held in Budapest Hungary, INGSA convened a seminar of practitioners and thought leaders in science advice to governments to discuss an identified challenge in science advice practice: the provision of science advice at the international level. The seminar was an opportunity to explore and suggest solutions to reconciling the inherent tension that often arises between scientific consensus and national interests. Speakers were invited to make short remarks or present slides, guided by the following questions:

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Welcome to the redeveloped website for INGSA

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So much has happened since August 2014 and the first Science Advice to Governments conference in Auckland New Zealand. Organisers of the conference are pleased to introduce this redeveloped website and the ongoing work to maintain momentum and build on the vibrant global discussion that started in Auckland, through the new International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA). Having served as the community hub for discussion and resources during that conference, this website is now being redeveloped as the ongoing home of the Network, which is a conference legacy initiative for practitioners and scholars of government science advice.

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