New network of EU science advisers launched

Drawing by Georgia, 11 yrs. DFID/Flickr

A new pan-EU network of government science advisers was launched in June, 2014 to strengthen science advice and evidence-based policymaking across Europe.

There’s much to be  gained from a stronger and more cohesive network of high-level science policy contacts across Europe, says Anne Glover, EU’s chief science adviser and speaker at August’s Science Advice to Governments Conference in Auckland. 

The new network intends to respect the diversity scientific advice models across Europe:

- The UK, Ireland and (until recently) Czech Republic have a government chief scientist.

- Several countries – including Portugal, Denmark, Finland and Greece – prefer to use an advisory committee.

- In another handful of member states, including Italy, Spain and Sweden, science advice is provided by civil servants.

- Others, such as Austria, Hungary and the Netherlands, look to the president of the national academy of science to perform the role.

- The rest, including France and Germany, use a hybrid of these models, or none at all.

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