Get virtually involved in #SciAdvice 14: Conference social media

Courtesy of Jason Howie

In August, some of the world’s chief government science advisers will be meeting in New Zealand to discuss:

What have countries learned about the art of giving science advice to governments? What works best in different countries?

Are there any common principles to build trust, influence, engagement and independence?

The organizing committee has just started a series of social media activities in the lead up to the Science Advice to Governments conference.

Participants and others who are interested but unable to attend are encouraged to join these social media efforts:

- Follow @GlobalSciAdvice and #SciAdvice14 on Twitter for the latest conference updates and science diplomacy news

- Join a dynamic and interactive virtual network of communication professionals from research institutes, science adviser offices and science ministries, science media centres and science policy academics by emailing our social media coordinator, Michelle Kovacevic: kovamic[at] The team will share and generate content (blog stories, videos, podcasts etc) ahead of, during and after the conference.

- Contribute articles to the conference blog: by emailing Michelle kovamic[at]

Stay tuned for more ways that you can virtually get involved in the conference!

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